Assessment to taxes


* Around August 20th, ALL water/sewer accounts with an amount past due will be sent a notice of possible assessment to property taxes of that amount. West Central Sanitation will send out a separate notice to those with delinquent accounts on their garbage bills.  

* If you have any questions or concerns regarding the water/sewer letter, you may contact the City Clerk's office. If you have questions regarding the garbage delinquency, you must call West Central Sanitation. 

* Delinquent account owners will also be given the opportunity to attend a hearing that will be set for the 2nd Monday of October at 7:00pm.

* Full payment of the water/sewer amount must be received at the City Clerk's office by November 1st to avoid assessment to property taxes.

* If payment is received, no further action is necessary. 

* If payment has NOT been received, all water/sewer accounts that received the initial letter with the delinquent amount will be certified on the assessment roll at the November council meeting. A fee of $11.00 will be added to the delinquent amount assessed for EACH account.

Example: If you have a delinquent water/sewer amount of $600.00 and a delinquent garbage amount of $50.00, the $11.00 fee will be added to each amounting to: $611.00 for water/sewer and $61.00 for garbage. 

* Once the assessment list has been certified, it is sent to Renville County and attached to property taxes for the following year.