Annual and Lifetime Pet License

A Pet License is required for ALL animals. 

The city offers two choices for pet license:

   1) 1-year annual license of $10.00 fee for each license; or

   2) A lifetime license of $30.00 fee for each license for the lifetime of the pet.   

Rabies vaccination documentation is required at time of purchase.  For those who purchase a lifetime license, you will receive a notice when the vaccination documentation expires. You will then be given 30 days to provide current rabies vaccination documentation to avoid termination of the lifetime license. Pet Licenses are available at the City Administrator's Office during regular business hours.

 Building Permit

Building Permits are required for any building project that creates an addition of a structure or the addition to an existing structure.

What Projects DO NOT require a building permit?  Shingling, siding, window replacements, and any project that is replacing an existing structure with no changes or additions.

Applications should be submitted to the City Administrator and will be presented to the council at the next regular scheduled council meeting for approval. A $10.00 permit fee is required after council approval.

 Water & Sewer Fees

Monthly Utility Bill Breakdown  
Residential Water (per 1,166 gallon) $12.10
Sewer (per 1,166 gallon) $12.10
Water Connect Fee $11.12
Sewer Connect Fee $8.33
Filter Fee $5.00
Storm Sewer $34.33
Bulk Water (per 1,000 gallon) $12.00
Reconnect Fee $25.00

 Other Services & Fees

Community Center Rental $100.00 Large Room
  $50.00 Small Room
Loader/Tractor $120.00/hr
Mowing (min. 1hr charge) $100.00/hr
Hauling rock/sand/gravel (load) $30.00/hr
Snow removal $30.00
Gravel - Class 5 or 2 $9.50/yd 
Gravel - Granite Fines